Sacred is a theory of eternal purpose in one guise, shrouded in words the next. As people we are naturally drawn to obvious man made or natural structures with reverence and the question 'why?'. We may gather from history books of great cities, that statuesque grandeur represents royalty, riches, knowledge, geographical locations, harmonics, religion, piracy, deceit, lineage or class systems or an interpretation of divine will to others perhaps. These certain riches may also carry symbols and symbolic identities of nature, virtue and condition of humanity. Safe houses of data, a mere gesture to all that have gone before. The remains of all manner of beliefs and practices, by the people for the people.

People steadily then rapidly began to forget about these schools of thought and mathematics cut from stone, with the addition of a measure of occupancy from certain divisions of humankind. Sacred would lead us to believe that great architecture may have a transformative effect on our lives as we seek perfection. Seeking to straighten the crooked roads. We can learn more about the spirit of man and how to project it in an outwardly fashion. Internal knowing as an exact monumental expression. If they are a dedication to a system of hierarchy, then it could be aimed at the future. To inspire, people.

Christopher Wren once said that 'Architecture aims at Eternity.' This will always raise the question 'why?' An impression is all we can expect to leave. If we cease to ask questions we cease to realize our potential, or the study and implementation of the Sacred.